Skyward State Reporting: Illinois

The reporting requirements for Illinois can make for a cumbersome process. Luckily, Skyward has all your required state and federal reports programmed directly into the software so processes that used to take days may now only take hours or minutes! Skyward has even included all the current ADA requirements and the new SIS requirements, including student course assignment, teacher course assignment, and birth to 3 data.

Here are just some of the Illinois state reports that Skyward has pre-programmed into our software:

  • All SIS Reports 
  • All Current ADA Reports
  • Hearing, Vision and Dental Reports
  • Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Report
  • Budget Report (50-36)
  • Salary Compensation Reports
  • Federal CRDC Report

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Skyward State Reporting: Illinois

Note: The reports shown below are pre-coded into Skyward software. 


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Student Reports Finance Reports
Student Information System (SIS) including:  ELL Transactions, Early Childhood Transactions, EC Outcomes Transactions, Pre-K Follow-up Transactions, Locate/Assign and Exit Transactions, Birth to 3, Homeless, Student Course Assignment, Outside Course Assignment, Teacher Course Assignment - Entry, and Teacher Course Assignment - Exit  IMRF - Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
ELL Screener EDGAR Report
Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Reports New Hire Report 
Student Discipline Export  Quarterly Federal Tax Return 941 Report
Annual Claim for Attendance/ADA Unemployment Tax Quarterly Report
Vision Conservation Annual Report  Child Support Processing 
Annual Claim for Pupil Transportation Reimbursements Form 50-36 - School District Budget 
Total Dropouts Report Form 50-35 - Annual Financial Report
Hearing Conservation Annual Report Teacher Retirement System (TRS)
Proof of School Dental Examinations Form 50-39 - Joint Agreement Budgeting Form
Drivers Ed Eligibility Report Form 50-37 - Annual Statement of Affairs
Illinois Immunization School Survey EEO-5 Report
Immigrant Education Program Report Salary Compensation Report - Administrative Salary Compensation Report, Administrative & Teacher Salary & Benefit Report
Assessment Pre-ID Labels to 3rd Party Federal CRDC - Civil Rights Data Collection
Food Service Certification 3rd Party Retirement Plan Reporting in Gatekeeper, CPI, TSA Consulting, & ING formats
ELL Screener, Homeless &Student Course Assignment Collections Federal OCR
Quarterly Report of Withdrawn Students Teacher Service Report (TSR)
Student Enrollment in 2nd and 5th Period
Total Graduates Report


Skyward State Reporting: Illinois

We are excited about the possibilities that Skyward has allowed us to do. The amount of data we have been able to collect, the time we have saved, and the possibilities we see as we continue to grow have allowed us to improve. We believe that Skyward has the same continuous improvement model and are always excited to see the dynamic changes Skyward has on the horizon.

Dawn Rueter-Cox (Curriculum Director, CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 230, IL - Enrollment 8,500)

Skyward has been a huge improvement for our school district. One of the major complaints/concerns of both our teaching staff and parents in the past has been the ability to communicate student involvement within the class. Now, with the aid of Skyward, those concerned have been resolved and a new positive relationship has been established. Our school district has definitely benefited from the installation of this software package in more ways than one. It was time consuming and stressful to change our way of thought to a more modern and relevant system, but well worth it in the end.

Brad Ervay (Asst Director of Technology, GRANITE CITY COMM DIST #9, IL - Enrollment 6,942)

I have been the software technician for Cahokia School District #187 for eight years and we have utilized Skyward during my entire tenure. The program is the most effective on the market to date, and the company takes a proactive approach in making sure it is postured to meet the needs of their end users' future needs. When it comes to personnel, you will find no other rival that will provide the hands-on experience in making sure the implementation goes smoothly and takes that same approach to maintaining a high standard of ongoing service and support. Solid company, personnel, and program. Period!

Rebecca Van Pelt-Grippi (Software Specialist, CAHOKIA USD #187, IL - Enrollment 5,000)

McHenry School District 15 needed to move into the next century of school management software and have been very pleased with the transition to Skyward. We are implementing many of the modules that Skyward has and are truly optimistic as our certified staff of all types has reported encouraging feedback on daily use and timely productivity.

Fred Laudadio (Director of Learning Services and Technology, MCHENRY COMM CONS SCH DIST 15, IL - Enrollment 4,900)

We have been using Skyward Financial since July 2008. Since the implementation we have been gradually bringing on more inter-connected modules (HR to Payroll Imports, to third party sub caller program and on-line requisitions originating at the staff member level, check reconciliations) and have found that this has given us more efficiencies and effectiveness in processing the transactions. It has also helped in developing the segregation of duties required for internal controls.

Phyllis Hanna (Director of Finance and Operations, GLEN ELLYN SCHOOL DIST 41, IL - Enrollment 3,600)

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