Skyward State Reporting: Florida

The state required reporting in Florida is a large undertaking, with 9 surveys throughout the year. Skyward has all Florida's state reports pre-programmed into the system, including FASTER reporting,  so this process that used to take days may now only take hours or even minutes!  Talented 20 reporting is included, too, so you can be absolutely positive that the top 20% of students who earned the right to go to a Florida school receive their reward.

Here are just some of the Florida state reports that Skyward has pre-programmed into our software:

  • Florida Surveys 1-9
  • FTE Calculation Reports
  • Class Size Calculation Report
  • WDIS Surveys F,W,S,G and X
  • FASTER transcripts and Reports
  • MSIX Transmission
  • Bright Futures Transmission
  • Learnfare Import, Update, Export, and Report
  • Talented Twenty Transmission 


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Skyward State Reporting: Florida

Note: The reports shown below are pre-coded into Skyward software. 


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 Florida Survey Extracts

Other Reports

Student Demographics

Required Attendance and DOE Reports

Student Course Schedule

Sunshine Connections Automated Process

Teacher Course

Section 504 Status Report

Exceptional Student Program

Learnfare Import, Update, Export, and Reporting

Prior School/Student Attendance

Reports for DHSMV

Federal/State Indicator

Reports for Career and Tech Ed

Student End of Year

Missing Children Processes

Student Discipline Action

McKay Prepayment Verification Import, Update, and Export

Career and Technical Education Teacher Course

Class Size Reduction Export, Update, and Reporting

Career and Technical Education Student Course Schedule

Drivers License Absence Reporting

Federal/State Compensatory Project Evaluation

DOE Fish File Import

Dropout Prevention

Skyward Cost Report Data

English Language Learners

 Export Standardized Test Pre-ID Utilities

Student  Assessment


Title 1 SES

Human Resources

Student Course Transcript

Staff Email Addresses

School Safety Incident

New Hire Report

Responsible Instructor

Florida Retirement System

Student Transportation

Unemployment Compensation


Nondiscrimination Testing for FBMC

 Florida FTE Reporting

Random Moment Medicaid Sampling


TSA Consulting

 FTE-2 School Summary


FTE-3 District Summary

Child Support Expert Pay


Sunshine Connections

 WDIS Survey Extractions


Student Demographics Random Drug Sampling

Teacher Course

Student End of Term Status

DOE Survey Extractions

Supplemental Information

 Staff Salary Supplements

Adult Test

Staff Demographic Information

 Adult General Education Student Course

Staff Additional Job Assignments

 Vocational Student Course Schedule

Staff Benefits


Staff Experience

 FASTER Reporting

Staff Fiscal Year Salaries

 Student Send Request

Staff Fiscal year Benefits

Student Send Student Info

Teacher Exit Interview

Student Approve/Deny Request

Staff Multi-district Employees

 Student Retrieve Incoming Files

Staff Payroll Information

 Reporting Outgoing Transmissions

Staff Professional Development

 Reporting Incoming Students


 Reporting FASTER Reports


 Batch Processing Bright Futures

 Federal CRDC - Civil Rights Data Collection

 Batch Processing MSIX


 Batch Processing Talented Twenty

Auditor General Report

 Vocational Gold Seal Candidate Profile

Annual Financial Report


Cost Report


3rd Party Retirement Plan Reporting in Gatekeeper, CPI, TSA Conulting, and ING formats

Skyward State Reporting: Florida

I enjoyed the ability to meet and talk with other districts that are using the products. The Skyward staff is very knowledgeable and was able to provide us with useful information on the modules and better ways to use the system.

Maurice Bonner (Director of Personnel, ST LUCIE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT, FL - Enrollment 36,201)

Skyward products have made my life easier. We used to put in hours of overtime getting ready for the start of the school year. But using Skywards employment management, salary negotiations and payroll, in conjunction with each other has made overtime a thing of the past.

Susan Stoffel (FINANCIALS, SLINGER SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 2,900)


I feel the entry process of adding new employees has become easier and friendlier with Skyward. We enter a lot of new employees at the beginning of the year and the process has expedited the entry process along with importing of info from one screen to another. Accessing this info and making changes has been a plus too!

Brenda Glessner (USER, GEARY CO UNIF SCH DIST 475, KS - Enrollment 6,500)


We have been using Skyward Financial since July 2008. Since the implementation we have been gradually bringing on more inter-connected modules (HR to Payroll Imports, to third party sub caller program and on-line requisitions originating at the staff member level, check reconciliations) and have found that this has given us more efficiencies and effectiveness in processing the transactions. It has also helped in developing the segregation of duties required for internal controls.

Phyllis Hanna (Director of Finance and Operations, GLEN ELLYN SCHOOL DIST 41, IL - Enrollment 3,600)


The informational and reporting capabilities of Skyward are awesome. In addition, the integration between payroll, sub tracking, paperless time off and Aesop sub calling has reduced the workload and increased the efficiency and accuracy of our payroll operations



Using Skyward’s electronic payroll has really saved us money, not only the actual dollars but in time. We have fewer calls or emails since employees can access their info.

Jan Cumro (Secretary, GEARY CO UNIF SCH DIST 475, KS - Enrollment 6,500)

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"By using Skyward, we are excited about finally being able to say, 'yes, we can do that' instead of, 'no, it will take too long and we don't have the time.'  We will finally be proactive instead of reactive, which will put us in the power position we want to be in."

Candy Garcia
Director of Information Technology
Northeast FL Educational Consortium, FL


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