Skyward Substitute Tracking

Skyward’s Substitute Tracking software allows your district to track detailed information regarding your substitutes including what days they subbed, who they subbed for, and their pay rate. 

  • Customizable rate tables will automatically calculate the sub’s pay rate.

  • Data can be imported from a third party sub calling system.


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  • Skyward Substitute Tracking 

    Feature  Benefits
    Track each time a substitute teacher is needed, days worked, and who they substituted for
    • Districts can easily view and report on the number of days a substitute teacher has worked in the district, who they substituted for, and the rate of pay they received for substituting
    • Master records allow the end user to specify rate tables and view detail transactions for each substitute
    Substitute Tracking interfaces directly with Skyward's Time Off and Payroll systems
    • While entering the transactions for a substitute teacher, time off transactions can also be entered quickly for the employee who was absent, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for information to be entered twice
    • System automatically checks for an associated time off record for each occurrence of a substitute
    • Import detailed Substitute Tracking transactions directly into payroll
    • Calculations and verification reports ensure accuracy of data before actually paying a substitute
    Accommodates several different options for paying substitutes
    • Customizable rate tables allow districts to establish specific rates at which a substitute is paid within the district
    • Automate rate increases based on the total number of times a substitute works in your district
    • Automate movement to a long-term rate
    • Half day, full day or hourly rates are calculated automatically
    Import data from third-party Sub Calling systems
    • Import a file from your third party Sub Calling program directly into Skyward's Substitute Tracking
    • Import data for substitutes and time records for your employees
    • Import formats are available for:

                 - AESOP
                 - e-School
                 - SEMS
                 - CRS SUBFINDER
                 - TSSI

    Allows accurate reporting of full days worked for each district employee
    • Substitute Tracking streamlines the process of tracking days an employee was out and makes tracking full days worked an effortless task

    Skyward’s Sub Tracking has been very helpful in helping cut down the amount of time required to process substitutes.

    Mark McKenzie (Manager, ALLENTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT, PA - Enrollment 18,447)


    The informational and reporting capabilities of Skyward are awesome. In addition, the integration between payroll, sub tracking, paperless time off and Aesop sub calling has reduced the workload and increased the efficiency and accuracy of our payroll operations

    Louise Fischer (DIRECTOR OF FINANCE, MERRILL AREA PUBLIC SCH DIST, WI - Enrollment 2,986)


    We use Skyward Sub-Tracking with Time-Off and import it directly into payroll. This saves me from manually entering all sub pay information. The extra time allows me to give more attention to employees who have payroll questions.

    Tammy Weishoff (PAYROLL, WAUNAKEE CMTY SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 2,880)


    This tool has provided our Childcare Directors with a much more comprehensive program than the old paper-pencil ledger system. It has saved time for them and our department by providing easy access to information for routine requests from parents and our Business Office. Needless to say, I am very pleased with Fee Management!

     Steve Elliott (Community Education Director, SAGINAW TWP CMTY SCH DIST, MI - Enrollment 5,066)



    Skyward products have made my life easier. We used to put in hours of overtime getting ready for the start of the school year. But using Skywards employment management, salary negotiations and payroll, in conjunction with each other has made overtime a thing of the past.

    Susan Stoffel (FINANCIALS, SLINGER SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 2,900)

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    Substitute Tracking

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    "I have been using Skyward to import substitute information into sub tracking and time-off. I used to do this all by hand and it would take me eight days to get payroll set up with the subs. With Skyward, it takes me about four hours and it's more accurate with no mistakes for sub pay and time-off for the staff. I love my Skyward."

    Paula Perrelli
    Payroll Coordinator
    North Shore SD #112, IL


    "We use Skyward Substitute Tracking with time-off and import it directly into payroll. This saves me from manually entering all sub pay information. The extra time allows me to give more attention to employees who have payroll questions."

    Tammy Weishoff
    Payroll Specialist
    Waunakee Community SD, WI


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