Skyward Purchase Order Processing

Skyward’s Purchasing software allows your district to save money by reducing paper waste and save time by reducing redundant data entry. 

  • Streamline your purchasing process by entering and approving requisitions electronically.

  • Enforce budget control with built-in budget restriction tools.

  • Full integration with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger.


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  • Skyward Purchase Order Processing


    Feature  Benefits
    Online Requisitions
    • Web-based system allows requisitions to be entered from any internet connection
    • Requisition numbers can be hidden or assigned another value prior to approval and becoming a PO
    • Provides direct site-based management of purchasing process
    • Eliminate paper waste and paper shuffle
    • Available funds monitor can be configured to provide a warning message or stop requisitions from being entered if a budget is exceeded
    Adjusts encumbrances automatically
    • Saves time through processing adjustments automatically
    • Improves data entry, accuracy, and reliability
    • Provides real-time budget information
    Flexible and detailed approval process for requisitions
    • Add up to nine levels of approval
    • Increased accountability for items purchased
    • Create purchase order groups to streamline approval process
    • Provides direct site-based management
    • Eliminates paper waste and paper shuffle
    • Special Group option allows requisitions to be re-routed for appropriate approvals
    • View, approve, or deny requisitions online
    • Add notes to requisitions
    Email/Alert Notifications
    • Notify appropriate staff when requisitions are waiting for their approval, has been approved, denied, or items on the purchase order have been received
    • Summary email notifications can be set up on a schedule to notify users of all requisitions awaiting approval 

    Integrates with e-Commerce

    • Streamlines online order processing
    • Reduces paper and improves data entry, accuracy, and reliability
    • No need to print, fax, or email purchase orders
    Imaging and scanning capabilities
    • Electronically attach documents to requisition or purchase orders
    • Reduces storage space and filing time
    • Create a paperless purchasing process
    Integrates with Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Payable invoice detail can be created automatically from a PO eliminating duplicate entry
    • Improves accuracy, efficiency, and precision of entries
    • Easily identify what items have been received
    Email purchase orders
    • Purchase orders can be emailed directly to vendors to increase efficiency
    Track employee contract information
    • View and report upon contract amounts, what has been paid to date and remaining contract balance
    • Contract amounts are automatically updated with each payroll
    • Include dock pay and retro pay amounts on the contract
    • Run a contract payout on the remaining contract balance
    Retro pay
    • Automatically calculate the amount of retro pay from the remaining contract balance 
    Seamless interface with employee management
    • Only enter salary data once
    • Drive your contract creation and updates through Position Control 
    Create dock pay
    • Automatically create and calculate a dock pay through Time Off entry of an unpaid absence
    Centralized location for vendor info
    • Easily locate information tied to a vendor including Purchasing, AP Invoices, and Payments
    Vendor request
    • Reduce redundant data entry and vendor duplication through a vendor request/approval process
    • System automatically checks if name is in the system to prevent duplication
    • One name is used throughout the system, i.e. employee, vendor, and secured user 
    Vendor ACH
    • Reduce the number of checks you print by setting up vendors with direct deposit
    • Reduce the number of checks that are lost or are not cashed
    • Email alerts of Deposit Notices
    Online purchasing
    • Purchase items from supported vendors using their online ordering programs
    Integrates with Skyward School Business Suite
    • Works with your inventory, A/P, and budget software from Skyward
    • Uses the same secure login information
    • Access is controlled by Skyward security
    • Districts can setup and utilize the e-Commerce features for free
    Automated approval
    • Process orders through established purchase order approval groups within the Skyward School Business Suite
    • A single, simple location to access and complete all requisition approvals
    Easy purchasing interface
    • Purchasing programs use familiar online store process
    • Easy access to purchasing
    Faster turnaround
    • Online approval processes the order faster
    • Final approvals automatically transmit the order online
    • Entry options allow the end user to select the ship date
    Complete budget control
    • Verify budget dollars prior to ordering
    • Items are only purchased after receiving final approval
    Online catalogs
    • Catalogs display current items and pricing for your district

    Current and future releases are great because they give me the ability to save time and resources by streamlining the purchasing process of the district.

    Linda Estes (SECRETARY-TECHNOLOGY, STILLWATER SCH DIST 834, MN - Enrollment 9,166)


    I love that we are going to the web with Skyward. The secretaries at the schools will be able to use it to their advantage as they can save a requisition and submit it later.

    Jan Gustason (Purchasing/Inventory Clerk, GEARY CO UNIF SCH DIST 475, KS - Enrollment 6,500)



    Skyward products have made my life easier. We used to put in hours of overtime getting ready for the start of the school year. But using Skywards employment management, salary negotiations and payroll, in conjunction with each other has made overtime a thing of the past.

    Susan Stoffel (FINANCIALS, SLINGER SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 2,900)


    I feel the entry process of adding new employees has become easier and friendlier with Skyward. We enter a lot of new employees at the beginning of the year and the process has expedited the entry process along with importing of info from one screen to another. Accessing this info and making changes has been a plus too!

    Brenda Glessner (USER, GEARY CO UNIF SCH DIST 475, KS - Enrollment 6,500)


    We have been using Skyward Financial since July 2008. Since the implementation we have been gradually bringing on more inter-connected modules (HR to Payroll Imports, to third party sub caller program and on-line requisitions originating at the staff member level, check reconciliations) and have found that this has given us more efficiencies and effectiveness in processing the transactions. It has also helped in developing the segregation of duties required for internal controls.

    Phyllis Hanna (Director of Finance and Operations, GLEN ELLYN SCHOOL DIST 41, IL - Enrollment 3,600)

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    "Using the Skyward purchasing program for the first time this year, I was nervous about leaving the paper and pencil method. The program is so easy to learn and use; it is awesome. All my requisitions are in one place and I can easily add items on."

    Michelle Johnson
    Owen-Withee SD, WI


    "I really like being able to track a requisition through the approval process and then through the payment process. It is easy and quick."

    Judy Swatek
    Stoughton Area SD, WI


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