Skyward Payroll Processing

Skyward’s Payroll software is more than just a program to produce employee pay checks.

  • Locate all employee information via one central location.

  • Flexible payment options allow an employee to have different pay types, and different deductions for each pay.

  • Integrates with General Ledger.

  • Integrates with Time Off.

  • Track employee contracts.


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  • Skyward Payroll Processing


    Feature  Benefits
    Supports full or partial direct deposit
    • Employees have the option to have pay deposited directly to their bank account or receive an actual check
    Integrates with Skyward's finance software
    • Automatically updates accounting information to your general ledger in full detail
    • Automatically generates invoices from deductions and benefits to remit payment to payroll vendors
    Run multiple payrolls at the same time
    • Process an auxiliary payroll while selecting/modifying your regular payroll run
    Assign employees multiple pay records
    • Payroll becomes more versatile and accurate by applying each pay record to its own account or set of accounts
    • Process payments to substitutes, coaches, teachers, and all staff within one payroll run
    Apply deductions and benefits to individual pay records
    • Vary deductions and benefits by specific pay record
    • Deductions and benefits can have their own start/stop dates, and maximum amount per pay code per employee
    Integrates with Time Off Accrual software
    • Give employees a better understanding of time-off availability by printing their information on pay stubs
    Store unlimited historical data
    • Search past records including detailed check history
    Payroll profile
    • Provides a central location to find payroll information on an employee
    Track retirement according to your state's specifications
    • All state and federal required reporting for retirement is available and updated regularly
    W2 production
    • Print your own W2s
    • Create magnetic media file for state/federal reporting
    • Make W2s available through Employee Access
    Integrates with Data Mining software
    • All demographic fields within Payroll area available for query using our Data Mining software
    Reporting capabilities
    • Labor distribution
    • Check summary
    • Check detail
    • Summary reports (benefits, deduction, employment, employee, pay record, and employee type summaries)
    • Deduction benefit report by category (retirement, FICA, tax shelter, federal tax, and state tax)
    • Unemployment compensation
    • Form 941 (quarterly federal tax return) information
    • EEOC Reporting
    • 3rd Party Retirement Plan Reporting
    Centralized location for employee info
    • Easily locate all information tied to an employee, including demographics, check history, and time off
    Data Mining
    • Easily report on employee information with this user-defined reporting tool
    • Create mailing labels and mail merge documents 
    • Reduce paper storage by scanning and attaching personnel records to each employee 
    • Automatically keep track of who made changes to the employee information, when the change was made, and the original and new values
    Centralized Access of Information
    • Easily access employee information including flex benefits through specific tabs in the employee's profile
    On-screen listing
    • Provides a single screen listing of all flex benefits codes for each employee
    • Payroll staff can quickly locate employee information at a glance
    Flex benefit addition
    • Effortlessly add the necessary flex benefit codes to each employee through the primary Flex Benefit screen
    Flex benefit revisions
    • Any revision can be made with a single click on the edit button on the primary Flex Benefits screen
    Column display
    • Quickly reference and view the year, code, code description, category, elected amount, total accumulated for the year, reclassification, and reclassification amount 
    Quickly add ETA number (MN only)
    • Easily assign the corresponding ETA number required for each flex benefit
    • Simply enter the ETA number, click the mouse, and the number will be committed to the necessary reports
    • Employees have easy access to flex benefits from anywhere with an internet connection through Employee Access 


    Electronically submit payroll and accounts payable checks
    • Creates a competitive employee benefit
    • Assures employees that deposits are made, even if they are ill, travelling, or on vacation
    • Reduces time processing and reconciling payroll checks
    • Electronically transfer payment from your district into the checking or savings accounts of employees, retirees, or taxpayers
    • Divide payments among different accounts and different financial institutions
    • Eliminates uncashed checks and the need to create replacement checks
    • Benefits the environment and saves your district money by reducing paper consumption and postage costs
    Pre-authorized debits
    • Predictability of funds
    • Reduces check handling, scanning, and other lockbox-type functions
    Track retirement according to state specifications
    • All state and federal reporting for retirement is available and updated per state/federal specifications
    Create export file
    • Create an export file of retirement data to import to state's site
    Apply deductions/benefits to individual pay records
    • Apply retirement deductions and benefits to user selected pieces of pay
    Centralized database
    • View up-to-date information regarding employee time off information and balances
    • Print time off information on employee checks/direct deposit notices
    • See accurate historical data
    Multiple methods for time off entry
    • Using Employee Access, employees can enter time off requests online
    • Time Off Requests can link to third-party sub calling systems
    • Enter information directly from the profile
    • Office staff can enter information using limited-access processing
    Automatic time off accrual
    • Automate allocation of time off on either an anniversary date or other designated dates
    • Schedule allocation amounts based on years of service
    • Set maximum units
    Extensive report and graphing capabilities
    • Employee setup
    • Detail transaction
    • Daily breakdown
    • Time off audit report
    • Excel exports
    • Generate different types of charts to show time off usage: Line, bar, horizontal bar, area, point, pie, or fast lane
    • Administrators have immediate access to vital information about time off
    Secure access
    • Displays only employees who have time off
    • Security can be used to limit the buildings, employee types, and types of time off that are displayed
    • Streamlines the time off entry process
    All paper time off forms or logs can be eliminated
    • Reduces paper waste
    • Electronic transmission of time off data is more secure and accountable
    Track Family Medical Leave in accordance with FMLA
    • Tracks and reports individual days an employee takes as Family Medical Leave
    • Allows detailed reporting of FMLA for individual employees, saving district staff time in automating the process of tracking Family Medical Leave
    • Allows mass add/deletion of FMLA entries to/from individual employees
    Streamlined processing
    • Process walks you through step-by-step for W-2 creation
    • Print your own W-2's or have Skyward print them for you
    • Create an electronic file for federal and state submission
    W-2 PDF creation
    • Attach a copy of the W-2 to each employee for easy access
    • Print fewer W-2's by allowing employees to print their own through Employee Access 
    W-2 audit
    • Run a W-2 Audit any time throughout the year to review W-2 totals and correct any exceptions


    We have been using Skyward Financial since July 2008. Since the implementation we have been gradually bringing on more inter-connected modules (HR to Payroll Imports, to third party sub caller program and on-line requisitions originating at the staff member level, check reconciliations) and have found that this has given us more efficiencies and effectiveness in processing the transactions. It has also helped in developing the segregation of duties required for internal controls.

    Phyllis Hanna (Director of Finance and Operations, GLEN ELLYN SCHOOL DIST 41, IL - Enrollment 3,600)


    The informational and reporting capabilities of Skyward are awesome. In addition, the integration between payroll, sub tracking, paperless time off and Aesop sub calling has reduced the workload and increased the efficiency and accuracy of our payroll operations

    Louise Fischer (DIRECTOR OF FINANCE, MERRILL AREA PUBLIC SCH DIST, WI - Enrollment 2,986)


    Using Skyward’s electronic payroll has really saved us money, not only the actual dollars but in time. We have fewer calls or emails since employees can access their info.

    Jan Cumro (Secretary, GEARY CO UNIF SCH DIST 475, KS - Enrollment 6,500)


    I am new to the finance side of Skyward and I’m excited to see how it’s going to streamline our office. I work with payroll and accounting and so far Skyward seems like it has a lot of nice features including the ability to import to Excel spreadsheets.

    Anita Coe (Bookkeeper, JONESVILLE COMMUNITY SCH DIST, MI - Enrollment 1,400)


    I have been a Skyward user since 1990 in both payroll and finance, and I have been very, very happy with the products and support/customer service. I served on the Minnesota Customer Steering Committee for many years, and have always been impressed with the fact that Skyward places so much importance on customer ideas and input on the product.

    Liz Olson (SYSTEM ADMIN, MENAHGA SCHOOL DISTRICT 821, MN - Enrollment 750)

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    "I have been a Business Manager for 20 years and Skyward's Payroll system is the first I have been able to efficiently understand and support."

    Steve Langert
    Assistant Superintendent
    for Business Services
    Orland Park Consolidated SD, IL


    "Skyward's payroll worksheets are fabulous. They save me so much time and frustration and they make the payroll process much smoother and have less keying in of information."

    Julie Rupert
    Payroll Assistant
    Quincy SD #172, Illinois


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