Skyward Insurance Tracking

Skyward’s Insurance Tracking software allows your district to be in control of your insurance billing by paying only what you owe the insurance provider, eliminating the constant stream of adjustments. 

  • Group employees together who receive the same type of insurance.

  • Update the employees' payroll deduction and benefit amounts.

  • Open enrollment feature will streamline employee elections during your enrollment period.


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  • Skyward Insurance Tracking


    Feature  Benefits
    Report to insurance companies
    • Report any changes in employee status and premiums quickly by comparing benefits to actual payroll
    • Pay insurance premiums monthly while deductions vary
    • Estimate monthly insurance premium based on actual deductions and compare them to the monthly bill of an insurance company
    Employee insurance groups
    • Identify employees who receive the same type of insurance benefits or coverage
    • Create an unlimited number of custom insurance groups for your district
    Insurance plan options
    • Setup insurance plans and sub plans to identify vendors receiving insurance premium payments, type of insurance provided, type of invoice needed, employee insurance group, coverage category, calculation type, and beneficiaries.
    Insurance coverage categories
    • Setup specific categories of insurance coverage
    Integrates with Payroll and financial software
    • Vendor information and benefit codes are only entered once, saving valuable time and resources
    Built-in insurance tracking reports
    • Easily access valuable insurance information of each employee
    • Saves time and promotes accuracy in tracking your employees' insurance
    Open Enrollment
    • Employees can view their current insurance selections at any time and update insurance selections during an enrollment period
    • Employees can update dependent and beneficiary information
    • Approved insurance changes will update the insurance plan

    The previous person in my position kept to the basics with bookkeeping. With Skyward, I am able to do two sided journal entries, more detailed reporting, merge vendors and eliminate a ton of paper reports. I am continuously learning and I enjoy all the benefits that Skyward has to offer. I am looking forward to learning the web-based system of the Student Management Suite so I can work more from home.

    Lisa Skoyen (Financial Manager, OSSEO-FAIRCHILD SCH DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 1,050)


    I’m very excited about FastTrack because we were about to sign with another company, but going with Skyward will save us a ton of money because FastTrack is already included in the system.

    Jennifer Borne (Secretary, ANGLETON ISD, TX - Enrollment 6,404)

    I am excited about implementing FastTrack because it will save our district money by going with Skyward rather than the other software company that would have charged us extra.

    Bonnie Brothers (Secretary, ANGLETON ISD, TX - Enrollment 6,404)



    As an employee I like the fact that Skyward offers Employee Access. Having Employee Access is very beneficial as I have all the information at my fingertips. I can look up W4 information, benefits, check stubs and certifications. Skyward is very user-friendly compared to the previous software provider we had.

    Karen Taylor (Certification Officer, GRANBURY ISD, TX - Enrollment 6,800)


    Setting up category codes in Skyward for all my accounts and running a report by category code for the code 07 state budget report has saved me so much time! I really like all the features of Skyward that make my job easier and help me be more efficient.

    Marie Hazlett (SECRETARY, EMPORIA USD 253, KS - Enrollment 4,780)

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    Insurance Tracking

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    "Skyward continues to research, develop and provide software solutions and training that help meet the ever increasing demands in education."

    Lee Obermiller
    Royalton ISD 485, MN


    "Skyward has offered an opportunity to streamline education finance. The system organizes the vast amount of data needed to support the business of education and produce transparency."

    Karen King
    Director of Finance
    Sevier County School District, TN


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