Skyward General Ledger

Skyward’s General Ledger application is the fundamental component to its robust School Business Suite. It gives you the ability to view your district’s transactions in real-time, over multiple years.

  • Get accurate and up-to-date information on all your district's transactions.

  • Customizable parameters for verification of funds.

  • Grant security access to users so they only see appropriate information.


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  • Skyward General Ledger


    Feature  Benefits
    Unlimited historical account activity
    • Retain detailed and summarized account history for multiple years in the system, no need to store reports in paper files or on CD
    • Post transactions across fiscal years
    Meets state reporting requirements
    • State specific chart of accounts
    • Fully compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
    Integrated real-time database
    • Eliminates the need for duplicate data-entry and is fully-integrated with Skyward's financial and human resources software
    • Improves accuracy, efficiency, and precision of entries
    • Built-in audit trails ensure data integrity
    • Drill-down to view detailed or summarized transactions in real-time
    Versatile reporting
    • Create detailed or summarized reports based on:

                  - expenses
                  - revenues
                  - balance sheets
                  - combination of expense/revenue and balance sheets

    • Information can be easily exported to Word, Excel, or PDF
    • Reports can be generated on a schedule and emailed or available on-line to end users
    Verification of funds
    • Retain multiple years of account history in the system
    Account-level security
    • Site or department-based management keeps account access and numbers secure
    • Account level descriptions allow districts to customize accounts by site or department
    • Account parameters to ensure transactions are entered against valid accounts
    Immediate, online self-help
    • SkyDoc provides tutorials that demonstrate how to generate user-defined reports, charts, and graphs

    Automatic transfer of data

    • Requisition data is available automatically when creating PO's
    • PO data is available automatically when entering the corresponding accounts payable invoice
    • Payroll updates automatically create accounts payable invoices for deductions and benefits
    • Credit card interface available; supports multiple cash accounts
    Invoice functionality and multiple types
    • Invoices recall PO information automatically during entry of the invoice, speeding up entry and improving accuracy
    • Code invoices by: regular, wire transfer, hold, single check, manual or pay
    • Create recurring invoices for regular monthly bills
    • Create ACH files to pay vendors and employees electronically
    Generate fixed asset records from invoices
    • Generate fixed asset records from invoices that have been entered into the accounts payable invoicing area
    • Indicate whether to use invoices that are in open, batch or history status, the dollar amount to look for, and the account range to pull from  
    Automatic encumbrance adjustment
    • Save time, improve data entry and accuracy, and get instant budget information 
    Quick void
    • Void checks by entering the check number or vendor
    • Allows checks to be re-issued
    Check reconciliation
    • Checks are updated automatically to the check reconciliation file, ensuring that they are accounted for
    • Easily identify outstanding checks after balancing
    Check printing
    • Add electronic signature (e-Sign) to printed checks
    • Print images on check using print-engine check type
    • MICR printing is available using print-engine check type
    • Supports self-mailer check types


    Journal entry approvals
    • Allow end users to submit journal entries to go through an approval process to reduce redundant data entry
    Recurring entries
    • Setup recurring entries to improve efficiency 
    Import processes
    • Easily import entries from Excel or use Excel export to put an existing journal entry into Excel 
    Reactivate journal entries
    • Select a historical journal entry to reactivate a new journal entry with the same details and allow users to modify details and date
    • Saves time and eliminates errors 
    Clone journal entries
    • Clone a journal entry to create a new journal entry with the same information
    • Saves time and eliminates errors
    • Journal entries are stores as work-in-progress, batch, historical, reoccurring, submitted, and denied
    • Users are able to report on journal entries based on status










    The previous person in my position kept to the basics with bookkeeping. With Skyward, I am able to do two sided journal entries, more detailed reporting, merge vendors and eliminate a ton of paper reports. I am continuously learning and I enjoy all the benefits that Skyward has to offer. I am looking forward to learning the web-based system of the Student Management Suite so I can work more from home.

    Lisa Skoyen (Financial Manager, OSSEO-FAIRCHILD SCH DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 1,050)


    I’m very excited about FastTrack because we were about to sign with another company, but going with Skyward will save us a ton of money because FastTrack is already included in the system.

    Jennifer Borne (Secretary, ANGLETON ISD, TX - Enrollment 6,404)

    I am excited about implementing FastTrack because it will save our district money by going with Skyward rather than the other software company that would have charged us extra.

    Bonnie Brothers (Secretary, ANGLETON ISD, TX - Enrollment 6,404)



    As an employee I like the fact that Skyward offers Employee Access. Having Employee Access is very beneficial as I have all the information at my fingertips. I can look up W4 information, benefits, check stubs and certifications. Skyward is very user-friendly compared to the previous software provider we had.

    Karen Taylor (Certification Officer, GRANBURY ISD, TX - Enrollment 6,800)


    Setting up category codes in Skyward for all my accounts and running a report by category code for the code 07 state budget report has saved me so much time! I really like all the features of Skyward that make my job easier and help me be more efficient.

    Marie Hazlett (SECRETARY, EMPORIA USD 253, KS - Enrollment 4,780)

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    "There are a lot of built-in reports and customizing new ones is easy to do with endless options. Skyward is a very powerful software with many abilities."

    Deborah Hancock
    Geneseo CUSD 228, IL


    "The import feature of Skyward is wonderful. It saves me lots of time when I am entering budgets, journal entries, corrections, etc."

    Nancy Sanchez
    IDEA Academy, TX


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