Skyward Employee Evaluations

Skyward’s Employee Evaluations will allow users to enjoy a fully web-enabled program for districts to keep track of employee progress electronically.

  • Evaluation information is accessible with appropriate security clearance.

  • Evauation approval follows the chain of command.

  • Fully customizable evaluation parameters.


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  • Skyward Employee Evaluations 


    Feature  Benefits
    Designed to work via the internet
    • Eliminate the need for paper forms 
    • Evaluation information is accessible through a secure internet connection
    Integrates with Skyward's Human Resources and Finance systems
    • All Skyward information about employees and supervisors is instantly available - no additional entry required
    • Final review information updates to Payroll, Employee Management and Finance systems automatically
    Direct link to a district's organization chart
    • Supervisors see only employees who report to them enabling an automated evaluation approval process.
    • Supervisors up the chain of command can review and approve evaluations
    Flexible evaluation parameters set by the district
    • Multiple evaluation categories can be set up for various groups of employees
    • Establish up to four evaluation periods per year
    Unlimited number of notes can be applied to employees
    • Immediate supervisors and all other supervisors throughout the district can post notes for employees throughout the year
    • Notes can help supervisors assess employees based on activity throughout the year, instead of the last few weeks
    A variety of screen displays, which are available to supervisors at all levels
    • Various instant sort sequences enable supervisors to view their employees evaluation data in a variety of ways
    • Exception displays enable supervisors to review their employees evaluation data quickly and easily
    Integrates with Employee Management
    • Ensures accuracy of all recommended increases
    • Automatically updates all evaluation increase recommendations
    History detail is retained
    • Last year's evaluation information is available on the main screen; previous evaluations can be brought up with a click of the mouse
    • Instantly view the progress of an employee from year to year

    We began Employee Access as well as web requisitions more than two years ago. The amount of time and paper this saves our district administrator and supervisors is amazing.



    Skyward's Employee Access has been a great tool for me to be in control of my personal pay information and easily print my W-2 history without needing to contact our HR department.

    Anne Tennant (Tech Support Specialist, STILLWATER SCH DIST 834, MN - Enrollment 9,166)


    As an employee I like the fact that Skyward offers Employee Access. Having Employee Access is very beneficial as I have all the information at my fingertips. I can look up W4 information, benefits, check stubs and certifications. Skyward is very user-friendly compared to the previous software provider we had.

    Karen Taylor (Certification Officer, GRANBURY ISD, TX - Enrollment 6,800)


    Skyward Employee Access makes my job easier because I have immediate access to my personal paycheck information allowing me to utilize my time more efficiently in that I do not have to wait on another department to create a report.

    Karen Heath (Secretary, BERRIEN RESA, MI)


    Skyward’s Employee Access is a wonderful took that allows employees to access so much information without picking up the phone. TrueTime is also a wonderful feature that saves me time in Payroll by eliminating the hand process of data entry.

    Dawn Kinsman (Bookkeeper, LIMESTONE COMM HS DISTRICT, IL - Enrollment 1,100)


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    Employee Evaluation

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    "I have been a Skyward user since 1990 in payroll and finance, and I have been very happy with the products and customer service. I have always been impressed that Skyward places so much importance on customer's ideas and input on the product."

    Elizabeth Olson
    Business Manager
    Menahga SD, MN


    "I love how easy the Skyward finance program is to use."

    Carrie Viste
    Administrative Assistant
    Seeds of Health SD, WI


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