Skyward Budget Management

Skyward’s Budget Management is the premier module for all your budgeting needs You will be able to forecast, plan, and enter your district’s budget.

  • Keep detailed information from previous budgets for easy reference.

  • All required state reports are built directly into the system.

  • Store unlimited budget scenarios for thorough forecasting.


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  • Skyward Budget Management and Reporting  


    Feature  Benefits
    Built-in state reports and e-files
    • Eliminates manual state reporting for most states
    Printable budget worksheets
    • Print budget worksheets in a user-defined sequence
    • Budgeting can be done in a user-preferred format
    Historical data storage
    • Easily compare next year's budget to the current year
    • Unlimited storage of historical data allows you to see actual dollars spent in past years
    Easily enter budget dollars
    • Enter budget dollars in the exact sequence they appear on the budget worksheets
    • Increase efficiency and accuracy
    Secure access
    • Site and department-based management keep account access and numbers secure 
    Compare historical account activity
    • Easily compare current year activity to the previous year's
    • Retain detail and summarized account history in the database; no need to store reports in paper files or on CD
    Budget into the future
    • Budget up to seven years in advance
    • Use the current budget to help prepare next year's budget
    • Forecast budgets for future years
    User-defined reporting
    • Create user-defined reports to meet specific reporting requirements
    • Only pull the data that is necessary for the report
    • Create specific reports just for board meetings
    Export/import budgets
    • Import and export budgets easily from Excel
    Fully integrated
    • Eliminates the need for duplicate data entry throughout Skyward's Financial and Human Resource system
    • Built in audit trail which ensures data integrity
    • Improves accuracy of data and efficiency of data entry
    Real-time data
    • Real time funds available check during entry processes
    • Entries instantly update funds available
    • Transaction drill-down available real time 
    Historical account activity
    • Retain unlimited summary and detail history
    Integrates with Skyward's financial and human resources software
    • Eliminate redundant data entry
    • Access real time information for greater accountability
    • Track and monitor projects and grants over multiple years that are associated with: 
              - purchasing
              - journal entries
              - cash receipts
              - prior year adjustments
              - accounts payable/receivable
              - payroll
    Custom project/grant codes
    • Streamline the project/grant process by tailoring the following areas to meet your district's needs:

            - code to identify the project/grant
            - project manager
            - priority
            - estimated costs
            - estimated start/end dates
            - first/last transaction dates



    Versatile reporting
    • Generate user-defined project/grant activity and status reports
    • Flexible templates can contain detailed or summarized information
    • Effortlessly creates reports for multiple fiscal years
    Historical data storage and retrieval
    • Retain summary and detailed project/grant history in the system rather than in filing cabinets or CDs
    Imaging and scanning capabilities
    • Electronically attach documents to projects/grants
    • Reduces storage space and filing time
    Immediate online self-help
    • SkyDoc provides tutorials that demonstrate how to generate user-defined reports, charts, and graphs

    Setting up category codes in Skyward for all my accounts and running a report by category code for the code 07 state budget report has saved me so much time! I really like all the features of Skyward that make my job easier and help me be more efficient.

    Marie Hazlett (SECRETARY, EMPORIA USD 253, KS - Enrollment 4,780)


    The previous person in my position kept to the basics with bookkeeping. With Skyward, I am able to do two sided journal entries, more detailed reporting, merge vendors and eliminate a ton of paper reports. I am continuously learning and I enjoy all the benefits that Skyward has to offer. I am looking forward to learning the web-based system of the Student Management Suite so I can work more from home.

    Lisa Skoyen (Financial Manager, OSSEO-FAIRCHILD SCH DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 1,050)


    Skyward has made accounts payable invoice entry much faster. With entering the purchase orders online the accounting information is entered as part of the process. When I get an invoice all I have to do is enter in the purchase order number and all of the information that was included automatically imports into the invoice so all of the hand entering can be done much faster.


    We have been using Fee Management for tracking charges and payments in our Community Education Childcare Centers for several years now. The program works very well, is easy to use after some basic training and provides our department with a valuable tool. We use Crystal Reports to generate weekly reports for payments, weekly attendance and sign-in/sign-out sheets. At the end of the calendar year, we are able to generate tax statements for parents in minutes.

    Steve Elliott (Community Education Director, SAGINAW TWP CMTY SCH DIST, MI - Enrollment 5,066)

    When going through the selection process we continually heard about the great support Skyward provides, and they were right. The Skyward team has been great to work with as we continue to streamline our processes and better utilize the features of their student information system. Skyward is a good product that continues to get better.

    Mark Maxwell (Director of Technology, SPRING BRANCH ISD, TX - Enrollment 32,200)



    I love my Skyward! We changed from CIMS three years ago and what a difference! The possibilities are endless when it comes to pulling student data. Keep the updates coming!

    Ann Gallaher (Tech Support Specialist, HAMILTON SOUTHEASTERN SCHOOLS, IN - Enrollment 17,100)



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    Budget Management

    Easily enter new items or make mass changes to budgets, and find previous year budgets.

    "Budget Management is very beneficial to a school district our size. We are able to create and modify several budgets for the upcoming year, enabling our department to test budget scenarios."

    Jennifer Johnson
    Finance Specialist
    Moscow SD 281, ID


    "I absolutely love being able to take my budget into Excel and with a few modifications, be able to download it to Skyward."


    Vaughn Sylva
    Bartholomew CSD, Indiana


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