Unlike traditional data analytics that is complex, time-consuming, and costly, myDistrict360 allows schools to rapidly develop, refine, and adapt even the most sophisticated analytics without extensive development or professional services.

High Productivity
Through a simple drag-and-drop process, reports, dashboards, and advanced data visualizations can be quickly created and tested. This modular design process allows staff to quickly build sophisticated data analytics without the need to write code.

Feature Rich Reporting
Gives you access to the latest Web 2.0 reporting and analysis features, including interactive dashboards and scorecards, drill-down and drill-through reporting, advanced charting, gauges, GIS maps and other data visualizations. Also provides process and workflows including email, schedules, and alerts.

Quick Integration and Customization
Built with an open Web standards based architecture providing unmatched ability to integrate, embed, customize, and extend.

Highly flexible and customizable security options provide complete control in creating secure, role-based access and views.

Simple Management
Because we offer a completely unified platform, all components work seamlessly with one another, making it easy to maintain and manage even the most advanced analytics projects.

No Per-User Fees
Flexible licensing model for unlimited end users and for all deployment needs.

Elemental Development Approach™
  • Pre-built capabilities minimize need for custom coding
  • Web 2.0-style text clouds and heat maps
  • Process and workflows including email, schedules, alerts, database management and database write-backs
  • Report bookmarks for a personalized report center

Web-Based Flexibility and Customization
  • Built for the Web with an open XML architecture providing unmatched ability to integrate, customize, and extend
  • Customized output style to meet complex requirements

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