Why Choose Skyward - Single Database


One Login to View All Data

One convenient location for administrators, teachers, parents and students to access school information.


Simplified State Reporting

All the district's state reporting comes from the all-inclusive database, eliminating need for redundant data entry.


Web-based data

Instant, on-the-go access to all your district's data from anywhere with an internet connection - even your smartphone!


Reduced costs

Eliminate the redundant costs of maintaining separate databases for student and finance information.


 What our customers say


“Our funding is completely dependent on accurate reporting. Before using Skyward we had to create a lot of our own… which took on average 8 to 16 hours a day for one to two days. With Skyward, the reports already exist and we are able to just hit a button and go. And without a doubt, we are far more confident that the information is accurate.”  

Lyle DuBus

 Executive Director of Instructional Delivery

 Grand Prairie ISD, TX

"I have been using Skyward for over a year now and it has made my job so much easier and more efficient. As a person that uses and submits a lot of information and reports, the Data Mining function allows me to create any report with any information I am using, and create labels as well. Data Mining is easy to use and it has saved me lots of time."


Kami Hagel

 Director of Operations

 The Hope Schools, WI


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State Reporting Support

Rockwall ISD, Texas
Rockwall found a way to centralize their district operations and improve reporting and operational efficiencies to better serve the district and parents.
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NEFEC, Florida

Skyward has helped NEFEC streamline operations, get access to real-time information, and improve student performance.
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