Secondary Teacher - Easy to learn, easy to use, and positively effects student performance

As a teacher, you are the critical component in the educational process and you need tools that will make your job easier and more productive.


Skyward can help you achieve:

  • Customizable gradebook solutions
  • Easily accessible overview of your student's data
  • Comprehensive progress monitoring
  • Easy communication with parents and administrators


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Versatile GradeBook Options

  • Skyward's Standards-Based Gradebook is fully customizable to match the needs of your unique district
  • Skyward's Secondary Gradebook works for a traditional academic approach to grading

Integrated Student Data

  • All student information is automatically managed so you never have to enter student data 
  • Changes are immediately recognized and available throughout your database


Easy Progress Monitoring

  • Numerous tools are available to view student performance so you always know how your students are progressing 
  • Fast and powerful reporting is constantly available to make sure you always have the most current information


Universal Accessibility

  • As a complete web-based solution, you can access your gradebook from anywhere at anytime
  • Mobile Student Management programs are available for connectivity from your mobile device


Powerful communication

  • Family and Student Access provide easy dissemination of information
  • Message Center provides the ability to quickly contact your staff, teachers, parents, and students


                  Need more information?  Contact Us for a personal discussion on how we can help your district

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Standards or Secondary Gradebook

  •  Set up grading standards for one class or the whole school
  •  Ability to set up custom grade marks per teacher  
  •  Accessible anywhere with an internet connection


    Family Access

  •  Instant access to your students' data 
  •  Available anywhere with an internet connection 
  •  Access a variety of information, including demographic and food service data


    Lesson Plans

  •  Manage all your daily lessons online with easy sharing to parents or students



  •  Complete hands-on training will ensure you are ready to go at the start of the year  



    Need more information?  Contact Us for a personal discussion on how we can help your district.



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    “Skyward Gradebook is a great communication tool for both teachers and parents. It provides instant access to a plethora of information in real-time.”


    Amy Psinas
    Pekin Community High School District 303, IL




    “Skyward Student Access has allowed our students to be much more proactive about their grades. Any time a student has a few extra minutes in class or in study hall, they ask me if they can use a classroom computer to check their grades. It allows them to be up-to-date in their knowledge and to use that information to their advantage."


    Brenda Bredeson
    Juda School District, WI




    “The integration of Skyward gradebook and attendance with other student module data tables helps me to be able to make better informed decisions about the academic needs of my students.”


    Terri Mullen
    Castleberry ISD, TX



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