Curriculum Director - Know your curriculum is up-to-date and in the hands of the teachers

Putting current curriculum in the hands of your teaching staff is critical for student success, 

but managing and sharing that curriculum is a difficult task.


Skyward can help you achieve:

  • Simple management, instruction, and analysis of your curriculum
  • Easy and accurate state reporting
  • Comprehensive progress monitoring
  • Ease of use that fits in your budget
  • Worry free implementation


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 Extensive Curriculum Management Tools

  • Manage and analyze your curriculum with Skyward's Lesson Plan and EduTrack modules
  • Use Skyward's gradebook to help your teachers put your curriculum into action


Accurate State Reporting

  • Our relationship with your Department of Education assures you that we help you give them the data they want
  • We guarantee that your required state reports are programmed into our software, making reporting fast and accurate

Progress Monitoring

  • Data Mining allows you to pull custom reports based on your students' data
  • Data Warehouse lets you get a big-picture view of your students' progression

Powerful processing within your budget

  •  Prevent cost overruns with our all-inclusive annual license fee
  • The license fee covers all software updates, support, and all future enhancements

Smooth Implementation

  • Skyward's SmartStart Implementation makes the conversion fast and easy
  • Intuitive programming makes the learning curve easy on your staff 

                    Need more information?  Contact Us for a personal discussion on how we can help your district.

Learn more about our:


Student Management Suite

  •  Complete, web-based student information system
  •  Integrated gradebook and family portal
  •  Robust, scheduling solution for both secondary and elementary schools


    Curriculum Mapping module

  •  Manage all your district's curriculum in one location that is accessible by teachers and parents 
  •  Verify that all your students are keeping pace with graduation



    Family Access

  •  Instant access to your students' data 
  •  Available anywhere with an internet connection 
  •  Access a variety of information, including demographic and food service data



    SmartStart Implementation

  •  Dedicated Project Manager with extensive experience
  •  Coordinates everything including training and conversions
  •  Experienced consultants to improve your operations with best practices recommendations  



    Data Migration

  •  Experienced programmers that custom build your conversion
  •  Multi-layered verification to ensure accuracy during the transition




  •  Complete hands-on training by professionals
  •  Training provided directly by Skyward employees.



    Need more information?  Contact Us for a personal discussion on how we can help your district.



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    “Family and Student Access have engaged parents, teachers and administrators in the educational process in powerful new ways, increasing the transparency of grading and improving school-home communication. I don’t know how we could do everything we do to meet accountability standards without a tool like Skyward.”


    Adair Aumock
    Director of Curriculum & Technology
    North Branch Area Schools, MI




    “Everything about Skyward makes my position easier. I won’t mention the predecessors… but Skyward is so much more user friendly, accessible, and enjoyable.”


    Holly Cross
    Curriculum & Technology Integration Facilitator
    Oak Ridge Schools, TN



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