Questions to ask your software provider:


1. Will your Human Resources, Finance, Student, and all supplemental

     systems run on a single database?

           A. Skyward systems all run from a single database, so that your users can find all the
                     data they need from one source, hassle-free!


 2. Are required state reports built into the system?

           A. Skyward guarantees that every required state report is built directly into our
                system. Over the years, we have built relationships with our states' Departments
                of Education, so you can be sure that your reports will be accurate and on-time.


3. Are upgrades included in the annual license fee?

           A. All of Skyward's software upgrades are included in every district's annual license


4. How many people are allowed to call customer service, and is there a

     limit to the number of calls?

           A. Skyward does not limit the number of users that may contact us, nor do we limit
                the number of service calls your users may submit.


5. Can we request custom programming changes or enhancements?

           A. Skyward has two options for users to request enhancements to the software.
                Users may request changes through their state's user group, as well as
                send individual enhancement requests directly to Skyward.


6. What training is included in the price?

           A.  The cost of training is included in every proposal that we put together
                 for each module that you may choose to purchase. We want to make
                 certain that you get the best use out of your new software.


7. Does your proposal include consultative services for best practices?

           A. Our proposals do include consultative services so that you can learn how to
                get the most out of your new Skyward system from the start.


8. How many districts in my state use your software, and is there a

     user group in my state?

           A. Every state that uses Skyward has an independent User Group.
                To find out how many districts are using Skyward in your state, please click
                your state's name from our State Reporting page.


9. Is project management and implementation assistance included in

    the price?

           A. Project Management and implementation assistance are included in
                your software price, so you can be sure of a smooth transition.


10. Have you converted other districts using our current software

       system to your system?

           A. Skyward has converted data from 180 different software systems,
                so rest assured that our conversion professionals have worked with many different
                types of databases in many different environments.


11. Do your training costs include all travel and lodging expenses?

           A. All Skyward's training costs already include travel and lodging, so don't be
                afraid of hidden training costs.


12. How frequently do you release major software updates?

           A. Skyward releases major updates to the software twice per year,
                and releases minor updates between the major updates.


13. Where are your customer service reps located?

           A. We have customer service representatives that work in all of our offices
                in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan,
                and Florida. With this geographical variety, you can be sure that we have
                a representative near you that understands your area's concerns.


14. Do you outsource any of your departments?

           A. Skyward is proudly created and supported in its entirety in the USA.


15. What is the response time to customer support calls? 

              A. Skyward's policy is to do our best to contact every user who submits a
                   service call within two hours of submission.
                   You can be assured that your issue will be resolved
                   in a timely, friendly manner by our professional support staff.





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