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Course Learning Center

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Build digital literacy. Make online assignments easy on your teachers. It's the only LMS made specifically for Skyward.

Course Learning Center
Keyword search for quick reference
Attach videos, audio, spreadsheets and more to your lessons
Teachers control when homework is available and due
Keep historical record of materials and discussions
Digital lockers make file sharing easy

The Skyward Course Learning Center provides a powerful platform that allows teachers to distribute information to students, facilitate online discussions, and manage digital assignment submissions, all from a single interface.

Dr. R.J. Gravel, Director of Technical Services
Glenbrook High School District #225, IL

1) Build Digital Literacy

With the CLC, you can keep all of your assignments, handouts, reading materials, and paperwork in one secure, online location. Instead of worrying about stacks of paper that can too often be lost or damaged, teach your students how to use the web for day-to-day activities. Students will be able to browse through lessons and resources, then submit homework through their unique digital locker. 

2) Promote a Collaborative, Student-Driven Learning Environment

Students can check out new posts, get feedback on their coursework, and participate in online class discussions. There's no better (or easier) way to drive engagement and participation. The CLC has an area for parents as well, so they can stay up-to-date on coursework, grades, assignment status, and academic progress. 

3) Designed for Simplicity

Some learning management systems are designed for only the most tech savvy educators. Others are too basic to be of any value. The Course Learning Center strikes a delicate balance by providing the options teachers need most without overwhelming. Class rosters are available via Skyward, so pick one, post your syllabus, add an assignment, and you'll have everything you need for your first week of class. Students will already be visiting Family Access to check grades, so they won't have to change their routine just to get to the LMS.


Live demo

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