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A top-shelf item bank. Accessible data and alignment with standards. Formative, the way it was meant to be.

Test Bank Management Solution
Create and share assessments through a common platform
Easy to understand graphical analysis by student, class, school, and district
Formative Assessment Item Bank from Certica Solutions, Inc. comes with more than 86,000 items**
Many item types to choose from, including technology-enhanced and writing prompts
Align any item to Common Core, state, or local standards

Our end goal - and we're sure we'll get there with Skyward - is to be able to analyze how a group of students will perform with a particular teacher so each student can get the absolute best education.

Jeff Edmonds, Supervisor of Data Services
Oak Ridge Schools, TN

1) Level the Playing Field

The transition to an online environment for standardized tests has thrown a wrinkle into the assessment process. Now, students who are less confident using technology are at a disadvantage over their more tech-savvy peers, even when comprehension levels are similar. By introducing online testing into the week-in, week-out routine, you can help your students build those valuable skills so when the time comes for the high-stakes testing, the delivery medium won't even be an issue.

2) Be Consistent Across the DistrictAssessment White Paper

Skyward's Test Bank Management Solution starts at the district level, with the ability for your central office curriculum leaders to build consistent assessments based on progress expectations and share them down to the building level. This approach will help you gauge the readiness levels of your individual schools and identify which methodologies or teachers are having the biggest impact on student achievement gains. 

Read more about how you can use test banks for more than just data collection here.

3) Set Your Teachers Free

Personalized learning is all but impossible without formative assessment. With the Test Bank Management Solution, teachers can turn data into actionable information and adapt their instruction accordingly. With the ability to create, deploy, and analyze from one platform, they'll have more prep time and less headaches. Assessments will be easier than ever, with little to no technical proficiency required.

**To learn more about the Formative Assessment Item Bank from Certica Solutions, take a look at these resources:

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