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A Better Implementation Experience

See how three Texas districts, large and small, were able to meet their accelerated implementation timelines.

Better than Free

What made this progressive TN district bypass a free, state-provided SIS in favor of Skyward?

Community Engagement Leads to Improved Outcomes

Exceptional service and a commitment to transparency lead to greater achievement for two Illinois districts.

County Officials Automate and Save

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Early Returns Lead to Universal Buy-In

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Engagement is Bigger in Texas

Proactive parent and community engagement is a fundamental component of this large Texas district.

Family Access Results Hit Close to Home

Transparency is the key to keeping parents and teachers on the same page. Here's how one district used Family Access to promote better communication among all stakeholders.

Improved Reporting, Better Results

With the help of Skyward’s Student Management Suite, two Florida school districts have transformed their processes to become more efficient and improve communication.

Multi-District Consortium Favors Stability

In an industry where features and functionality can start to blend in, a proven track record of excellence and loyalty is still important.

No Thank You; We'll Stick with Skyward

When the state of South Dakota offered a free, state-sponsored student management system, this long-time Skyward partner decided to take a pass.

One Partner + One Platform = Big Results

See how major budget cuts were offset by a better SIS experience in one New Jersey district.

Perfect Fit for Unique Situations

Find out how Skyward's Fee Management area was tailored to the needs of a Michigan district with six childcare centers.

Reducing Costs with SIF

Texas district transformed by Skyward's SIF-compliant Student Management Suite

Saving Time and Money with Automated Business Practices

The switch to a maintenance-free ERP solution has saved one Pennsylvania district six figures on an annual basis while eliminating the headaches of paper-based processes.

Small IT Department, Big Results

See how a 26,000 student TX district jumped "30 years into the future" with one decision.

State Reporting Done Right

In the pursuit of State and Federal compliance, it's all about reducing the burden on district staff. Here's how two districts have completely changed their approach to mandatory reporting.

Streamlined Workflows and Flexible Integration

The depth of product is matched only by Skyward's commitment to continuous improvement.

The Bigger the District...

See how one of the nation's largest school districts was able to consolidate its student management, financial accounting, and human resources operations.

Two Illinois Districts Simplify Business Office Tasks

Antiquated technology can be a challenging barrier to school district operations. These districts are glad they looked to a future with Skyward.

What Making a Change Should Look Like

A smooth implementation shouldn't be the exception, but for this southern Wisconsin district, it was a welcome break from the status quo.

When 5 Months > 10 Years

After struggling for a decade to implement its previous SIS, this Kansas district decided to go in another direction.

Success Story

Oak Hill United School Corporation (Indiana)

Enrollment: 1,586
Schools: 5
Implemented: 2014

In early 2013, Oak Hill United School Corporation was looking for its next student information system. After proceeding through a few months of demonstrations and discussions with vendors, the corporation chose a competing firm that administrators believed would suit Oak Hill’s needs.
But the story doesn’t end here.

Oak Hill, located about 70 miles north of Indianapolis in Converse, Indiana, was having issues with the installation and implementation of its newly selected system. The school corporation’s technology team soon found, through several conversations, that area schools were having some of the same problems. It became clear that the new provider presented fundamental issues when it came to employing its SIS software.
A significant challenge for Oak Hill teachers was not being able to input data into the system’s grade book – a necessity for any school. Soon enough Oak Hill administrators began pursuing a provider the corporation had considered in its initial search. After revisiting this option and discussing it further, officials selected a technology partner that would provide a smooth implementation of its SIS solution and was known to exceed expectations.
Brandt Lynch, technology coordinator at Oak Hill, described why the corporation needed to make a second switch to the new SIS. “We needed to modernize a number of our workflows and make better use of current generation features,” he said.
“We had an implementation of another product that went so poorly, the software never recovered in our organization,” Lynch explained. “The core users of the product use this software all day every day, and if the product doesn't meet their needs, they have a bad day – or year.”   
“We reached a point where waiting for fixes and updates wasn't happening in a manner that was going to turn our first rollout around, so making the switch to Skyward was the best choice we have made,” Lynch added. “The structure and series of checks and balances that Skyward implements as part of their standard rollout package is second to none.”


In the spring of 2014, Oak Hill selected Skyward’s Student Management Suite, almost a year to the date after making its previous SIS choice. Implementation began and brought results aligned with what the corporation had sought in its first attempt – and more.  
Lynch said Skyward’s implementation process was much improved compared to past experiences, and the corporation’s key users agreed. “The Skyward rollout was head and shoulders over other rollouts of competing products we have implemented here,” he said. “The quality of Skyward's product and support has been making our core users happy ever since.”
The transition has already had a positive impact on day-to-day functions at Oak Hill.
“In our transition to Skyward, we are able to use workflows that we didn’t even know we were lacking before the product – period attendance, attendance auto dialing with School Messenger, separate logins for students and parents in Family Access – the list goes on and on,” Lynch said.
In addition to daily processes, state reporting was also a crucial task greatly improved through adopting the new SIS.
“We have seen an amazing transformation in our state reporting,” Lynch said. “Skyward is able to give us the data we need in the format we need it, and if something needs to be updated they change it. Our process for completing state reports has changed 180 degrees.”

Lynch added that Oak Hill has saved time in a number of areas due to the transition. “We save in labor all over the place – online registration versus paper, state reporting time, attendance tracking, high school student schedule changes, and more.”
He has received a number of positive comments from school staff members who are content with the new solution. Because of this feedback, Lynch also sees benefits in employee recruitment and retention, all as a result of implementing the SIS.
“Our core users – secretaries, teachers, guidance counselors – have nothing but great things to say about Skyward,” he said. “Oak Hill USC is a more attractive place to work for people in their field because we have the tool in place they want to use.”
After an unexpected twofold selection process, Oak Hill chose the SIS solution its administrators and stakeholders could count on to provide a steady partnership and return on investment.
“We would absolutely recommend the product to our colleagues here in Indiana,” Lynch said. “It is reliable, dependable, full-featured, and the core users love it and are able to pick it up easily. It's everything you want out of your student management system to help your school run efficiently and smoothly.”

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