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A Tale of Two Requisitions

Skyward Digital Media Team
Skyward Digital Media Team - It was the Best of Times...

Are you ready for a quiz? We think you can handle this one:
It’s five days before your school’s big fundraiser. Your staff is working hard on last minute planning and preparation. One of the office secretaries notices a shortage in collapsible tables, but you have an approved vendor with plenty on hand.

Under which of the following circumstances is the probability greater that the tables will arrive on time?

A) Traditional workflow process: The office staffer digs out a carbon copy form from a tightly packed filing cabinet and fills it out. She places the form in a basket to be delivered to the accounting office. She hopes it doesn’t get lost. She wonders if accounting has received it. She tries contacting the office multiple times to emphasize the urgency of the request. Not even a phone call yields an answer. Hello… Anybody?
B) Online submission and approval process: The office staffer flips open her laptop and logs into the district’s purchasing system. She fills out an online requisition form and clicks “submit.” She is confident that the next person in the approval chain just received a notification that a request was entered and, in one click, will be able to approve it.
If you chose option B, you aced the quiz.

Watch the video here:

Automating the purchasing process is far more feasible for districts today than ever before. And it delivers numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Reduced costs: When the whole process moves online, there’s no longer a need for carbon copy paper or printing materials. In addition, your employees will be more productive, giving you more bang for your buck on their wages.
Faster processing time: With the requisition traveling immediately to the business or accounting office, any time spent manually delivering it is eliminated. In addition, with the most efficient services, staff can approve items with one tap, even from a mobile device.  

Greater organization: There is a much smaller chance that a requisition will get lost if it is submitted electronically. With the process online, there’s no need to pass it from hand to hand, and there should be no question about where it can be accessed at any time.
Reduced chance of error: As humans, we make mistakes. Relying on technology for data transfer and computations greatly minimizes the risk of making an error, which can happen to even the best of us when we calculate or transcribe information ourselves.
More productive staff: This benefit occurs on both halves of the requisition line. On one side, when a staff member submits a requisition, he or she can feel confident the next person in line received it, and won’t need to waste time walking it through a maze or tracking its status. On the other side, your approvers will save time by carrying out fewer steps along the way. In the end, both sides will be free to focus on more important tasks.
Improved decision-making: With all your data in one place, it will be easier for you to assess spending and make adjustments accordingly.

How complex is your district’s requisition process? If you’re ready to put carbon copies, manila envelopes, and multi-step procedures behind you in exchange for the ease and accuracy of paperless submissions, wait no longer. Twenty-first century requisitions have arrived.  


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