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Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, and Skyward

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Have you heard about the new OS in town? 

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system was released in July. Coinciding with this big debut, Windows also premiered Microsoft Edge, a brand new web browser available exclusively to users of the new system. Edge is based on new technology that greatly improves browsing performance. It is considerably faster than all versions of Internet Explorer, making it more competitive with Chrome and Firefox.  
It’s fast (check), has new features (check), and is available via a free update to any Windows 7 or 8 users (check). But chances are, there’s one more box on your list that must be checked before you’re willing to try it: full compatibility with Skyward. 
That’s what we’ve been testing, and the results are in. But before we jump to the conclusion, here’s a quick peek at how we got there.  


A Little Background

When a new operating system or browser is released, or when changes have been made to an existing one, we teleport a little team of Skyward elves into the new technology. Donning gear that reminds us of a hybrid exterminator/detective uniform, they run around investigating the changes and eradicating any bugs –

Okay, we'll stop right there. That may not be exactly how it happens...

But we really do carry out extensive testing when we catch wind of something new. Ultimately, we want your transition to new technology to be as seamless as possible. We'll set up a machine in our office with the new software – in this case, a machine running Windows 10 and Edge.

Our development and quality assurance teams use said machine to test compatibility with Skyward (remoting in from wherever their workstation happens to be) and eliminate any bugs until everything is running smoothly. Then, we sometimes release a statement like this:

Are OS 10, Edge, and Skyward compatible?

Yes. We are happy to announce that Windows 10 is now a supported operating system and Microsoft Edge is a supported web browser for Skyward.


While we're not in the business of recommending one browser or OS over another, we do think it's important for you to have options and we're happy to add two more to the list.

We hope you enjoyed our sneak peek into the world of Skyward testing. If you’re thinking about transitioning to the new Windows 10 operating system and to Microsoft Edge, we can confidently say that your use of Skyward should continue to be business as usual.
Have you switched to Windows 10? Are you living on the Edge? If you’ve learned any helpful tricks, share them with other Skyward users in the comments below!
*Banner image courtesy of Microsoft.com. 



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