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What’s New in the Oct Release? (Part 2)

Leslie Rogoski
Leslie Rogoski - Product Line Manager

The "What's New" series is meant to serve as a brief overview of some of the key features from our most recent release. Last month, we posted an update on some of the new features here. This month, we have some additional updates to share.

If you'd like a more in-depth look at all of these enhancements, including configuration guidelines and step-by-step instructions, please reference this guide for the School Business Suite and this guide for the Student Management Suite. Both of these guides can also be found on SkyDoc.

Editor's Note: We were able to touch on all of the highlights from the School Business Suite last month (these were much larger projects by nature, so there were fewer of them). In this article, we'll feature some of the extras from the Student Management Suite. As always, we'll focus on those updates that we expect to benefit the largest number of people.


Health Services Assessments Record

An assessments record will allow health services staff to maintain more detailed notes on students who visit their office. After entering the office visit reason, nurses will be able to enter assessment information – the results of evaluating the student and the time the student was assessed. If the student is evaluated again, the nurse can enter a new time to show the progression of events over time. This new assessment record will ensure comprehensive documentation that supports high standards of nursing.


Automation of Custom Forms Importing

No more running daily imports into Custom Forms! With the October release, you’ll have the option to set the Custom Forms Importer to process automatically. 


Improved Password and Email Access in NSOE

When browsing in New Student Online Enrollment, login names will also serve as direct links to those users’ email addresses. This new feature will simplify communication from the portal. In addition, if the user has access to the new security menu ID, passwords will also be visible – listed in a column next to the name keys. 


Set Billing Caps by Entity 

Capping is now entity-specific. You’ll be able to create a billing cap then, using the Bill by Entity configuration, determine if you want it to apply to one specific school, a combination of schools, or your entire district. 


EA + Conference Sign-Up Report Accessibility 

The office staff will no longer have to rely on teachers to determine which students have not signed up for conferences. This enhancement is designed to improve transparency and reduce the need for extended back-and-forth.


RtI Referral Report Printing 

For the upcoming release, a Student Referral report has been added to the Response to Intervention reports. This new report will allow printing of referral information, questions and responses, as well as notes and custom forms.


Daily a la Carte Limit 

Families will be able to set limits on the amount of “extras” their students purchase to eat. For example, parents could set the limit at $0.50 per day, if they want to allow their child to purchase one snack in addition to his or her standard daily meal. 

We hope these enhancements will benefit your district and help you become even more dynamic, capable, and Skyward-savvy. We're already looking forward to providing you with many more in February!
Please share your questions and feedback in the comments below or contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you!


John Jennings
Hi Diane, sorry for the delay on this response. Yes, it will block additional items from being purchased in the POS line once the limit has been reached.
12/8/2015 10:21:28 AM
Diane Agrell
When you set an Ala Carte limit will the computer block additional items from being put in?
11/25/2015 5:28:06 AM
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