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The Employee Disaster Recovery Plan

Skyward Digital Media Team
Skyward Digital Media Team - Proponents of Preparedness

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What is an Employee Disaster Recovery Plan?

As our own Tom King explained in this article for Advancing K-12 EdTech, the times are changing when it comes to professional development. Because technology plays such a large role in the modern school district, it's important for all employees, from the business office to the classroom, to be able to get the most out of the resources available to them.

The traditional training model of scheduled on-site or webinar direct instruction supported by internal training is not only expensive, but also leads to large gaps in knowledge and retention that continue to build up over time. Districts are forced to lean on tech-savvy specialists to handle more complex tasks and field questions from those who are only equipped to handle the basics. 

The concept of an employee disaster recovery plan is based on the idea that these experts are going to leave, and maybe sooner than later. Instead of pouring more time and money into training a replacement, why not give every employee the opportunity to become more proficient with technology? As an added bonus, you'll be able to explore new and enhanced features instead of spending all your time worrying about day-to-day practices.

Our Professional Development Center was designed to meet that end goal. Districts using the PDC report a 30% decrease in service calls, to say nothing of their staff's increase in productivity. The PDC will also transform your onboarding process by producing well-trained, confident new employees without the need to divert internal resources from your technology department. 

To read about the PDC's impact in one Tennessee district, check out this success story from Dickson County School District. 

If you aren't already using the PDC, click here and complete the short inquiry form at the top of the page. We'll be in touch with information on how you can get your team enrolled.



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