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What’s New in the February Release?

Leslie Strong
Leslie Strong - Product Line Manager

The "What's New" series is meant to serve as a brief overview of some of the key features from our most recent release. For a more in-depth look at many of these enhancements, including configuration guidelines and step-by-step instructions, please reference this guide for the Student Management Suite and this guide for the School Business Suite. Both of these documents can be found on SkyDoc.


Student Management Suite

Fee Management Statement Emails 

Unpaid fees can be a significant burden, but lack of awareness should never be a cause. We want to make it easier for you to collect the money you're due, so we've added an option to the Print Statements template for you to send statements by email. You can bring up a list of exceptions at the end of the report showing guardians/payers whose emails are not in the system so you can print and mail those as needed.

Note: To send a PDF copy of the statement, the guardian/payer listed on the report must have an email in the system, and the option to send statements by email must be selected. 

Fee Management


Online Registration Attachments

We know that online processes are great time and money savers, so anything we can do to take one more task off your plate is a win in our eyes. Online Registration now includes an option for adding attachments/uploads. Much like the Requested Documents section of New Student Online Enrollment, parents/guardians can use the new Attachments step to upload important documents, such as transcripts and health records.

Online Registration

Custom/Online Forms in Family Access

Do you have forms that need to be shared with a specific group of students? You can now use processing lists to push forms out to Family Access. Navigate to Entity Configuration (under Setup) and expand Online Registration. Click Edit right from there, or expand Online Forms and click Edit.
A filter has been added that reads “only display online form for students in selected processing lists.” When this option is selected, you can select a processing list (after entering and deleting students from it) and push out the online forms to those students.

Online Forms

Health Office Visit Notifications

Parents/guardians can now select an option to be notified of all health office visits. To enable this option, be sure the “allow guardians to subscribe to health office visits” feature is turned on. If parents/guardians subscribe, they will be automatically notified via email every time their child visits the health office. 

Health Office 1

Health Office 2


School Business Suite

New eCommerce Vendors

If you're not using eCommerce, you're missing out. This option (free for anyone who uses Skyward for Purchasing) simplifies the order process by giving direct access to our partners' purchasing portals. This option improves data entry, accuracy, and reliability, all while your purchasers are enjoying a more comfortable and convenient ordering process. With this release, we’ve added three new eCommerce vendors: Amazon, Dalco, and CIESC (Central Indiana Educational Service Center).
To learn more about eCommerce and see how it looks in action, check out our Quick Hits video on this useful feature!

eCommerce 1

eCommerce 2


ACA Update

For the past few months, Skyward school districts have been successfully e-filing their ACA forms! Our ACA support team has been hard at work helping ensure you’re compliant with these new regulations. We couldn’t be more excited to help our customers accomplish this feat! Be sure to check out our ACA portal for helpful updates, training, and documentation – everything you need to keep your school district ahead of the curve.

ACA Update


Vendor Check Type Defaults

A minute saved here and there can add up in a hurry when you're dealing with district finances. If you have vendors that typically use the same check type, you can now set up their default within Vendor Profile and save yourself from having to make that selection every time. 

Note: The check type default is available for Remit To vendors, but cannot be modified if a vendor is an Order From Only vendor or if it is set up to use ACH. If the Default Check Type is not entered for vendors, it will revert back to their User Preferences (Data Retention).

Vendor Check Type


Features Out of Beta

Web-based purchase order entry is no longer in beta status; it is now available for widespread use. Check reconciliation, bank reconciliation, and check register are also now available on the web. Spoiler alert: We can tell you that AP invoice entry is up next – stay tuned for the June release!

Note: Don't worry – PO entry is not going away in PAC.

PO Entry

We hope you'll enjoy these new capabilities when you move to the February release. Please take the time to share these notes with anyone in your district who might benefit from them. Every process made easier is an update we're proud of.

We're already looking ahead to June – stay tuned for more from the Educator Newsletter. If you know someone else who would appreciate timely insights into What's New in Skyward, let them know they can subscribe at the bottom of any article or by visiting our Blogs page.


Please share your questions and feedback in the comments below or contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you!



John Jennings
Thanks, Mary Ann! Lanelle - this will be an auto-notification, so the parent would not see any documentation specific to that visit in the message. The content of the notification can be customized at the district level, so it would be possible (perhaps even recommended) to direct parents to the Health Info tab in Family Access for more details.
3/1/2016 8:26:42 AM
Lanelle McKernan
Question about health room visits: does the parent see the documentation or just notification he's visited the health room?
2/29/2016 1:32:55 PM
Mary Ann Taylor
I am so excited about these changes. Keep up the great work especially the AP Invoice entry coming soon.
2/24/2016 2:06:41 PM
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