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Introducing: Skyward Academy

Skyward Consulting & Support
Skyward Consulting & Support - Your Continued Learning is our Priority

The time has finally come to share the great news far and wide. We are proud to introduce Skyward Academy – the latest resource from our consulting & support team!  
We are always looking for more ways to help you get the most out of this partnership, from iCon and User Group presentations to our online Training Center, which features mini-webinars and tutorials for many of your most common tasks. Skyward Academy aims to build on that success with one free week of thematic online training every month. These courses will span a wide range of roles and experience levels, with the ultimate goal of helping you do your job more effectively.



Skyward Academy web trainings will be scheduled on the second full week of every month, with the following exceptions:

July – No School Business sessions this month. We imagine your finance and HR departments will have plenty of work on their plates this month, which means you're probably better off focusing on your day-to-day tasks. 

August and September – No Student Management sessions these months. Something tells us you'll be plenty occupied with the task of kicking the school year off right. 



This part's easy! Go to:
and bookmark the page today.

Or you could always just click this button and save yourself the trouble:



These trainings are open to all Skyward users, with registration through our Support Center. If you do not yet have login credentials for the Support Center, now's the time to get them!

Get in touch with your internal Skyward administrator today and let him/her know that you want to better yourself through Skyward Academy. 



The web trainings will follow a common theme, with sessions for School Business Suite and Student Management Suite users every month (see exceptions above). 


Managing Mondays
Don't settle for cumbersome binders and an army of sticky notes. These sessions will help you manage your day-to-day use of Skyward. We have all the tools you need for an easy, intuitive experience, every time.

Teaching Tuesdays
It's time to teach the team! These sessions are tailored specifically for school-level staff. 

Working Wednesdays
Learn how to streamline your workflows and become more efficient with both new and old processes. Preventing bottlenecks is the name of the game on Wednesdays. 

Tips and Tricks Thursdays
Want to save time? You'd be surprised how quickly it adds up. These sessions will have a little something for every role.

Features Fridays
Find those hidden gems you've been searching for! Features Friday will showcase new and underutilized features so you can be sure you aren't missing out on anything. 

All sessions will be recorded and made available in SkyDoc and linked via the Skyward Academy landing page, so if you happen to miss out on one, you'll be able to catch up at your convenience. Continuous improvement is not only something we aspire to, it's also something that we want to help each and every one of you achieve. We can't wait to see you at the Academy!



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