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District Success Story: Lewiston ISD (Idaho)

Skyward Communications Team
Skyward Communications Team - Recognizing Success

We are always excited to share the successes of the districts we work with. This month, we take a look at how one Skyward customer was able to transform business operations and operate at peak efficiency. 


Lewiston Independent School District – Lewiston, Idaho

Enrollment: 4,851   |   Schools: 11   |   Implemented: 2012

Lewiston Independent School District faced challenges keeping its payroll records accurate and entering basic employee information. For Kathy McPherson, director of business services at the Idaho district, reporting is a critical part of her profession. Advanced technology that facilitated a streamlined workflow for human resources and payroll operations was a crucial need for the district and McPherson’s position.

“My number one job is financial reporting, and I believe that Skyward is much more user-friendly in this area,” McPherson said. “I feel like I can quickly clone and edit reports and create new reports on the fly.”

She explained that two extended state reports are due every year, and the district’s outdated software did not integrate these reports into the system.

“Skyward provides these reports in the system for no additional cost and updates them as needed each year,” McPherson said.

Reporting was just one of the many areas in which the district experienced more efficient, organized business processes.

“There are lots of ways Skyward has helped streamline our workflow when it comes to HR and payroll,” she said. “It eliminated the double entry of employee information. Now we can bring applicants over from Fast Track into Employee Administration and into the financial management vendor information.”

Salary negotiations are another aspect of McPherson’s work duties made more efficient by a comprehensive solution.

“I highly recommend the Salary Negotiations module. It is similar to our previous software – only better. It allows me to work ahead and have the work completed earlier instead of having to do everything all at once in the summer.”

McPherson described her service and support experience throughout the transition process.

“I feel like the customer service we received from Skyward was outstanding,” she said. “Our project managers were in constant contact with us from the beginning of our planning phase and still continue to provide support. We had on-site support for our first two payrolls, which was huge.”

By adopting a comprehensive solution, McPherson and the district completed tasks more efficiently. The use of holistic, innovative technology empowered the district to achieve a higher level of administrative success.

“Employee Management is the key to keeping payroll records accurate,” McPherson said. “The most obvious benefit is the reporting – no more building queries. Data mining is much more user-friendly!”

Streamlining workflow with the use of Skyward’s advanced solution, including its School Business Suite, assisted Lewiston Independent School District and McPherson in optimizing business practices within the district’s administration.



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